Ferrari Enzo Up For Sale At Just Shy Of £2M

Ferrari Enzo Up For Sale At Just Shy Of £2M

Author: BlendLine Magazine; Images GVE London

A luxury London car dealer is offering for sale a special Ferrari Enzo right now, and it is special because its lucky new owner will inherit an extra piece of motor racing history...

It is no secret that seven time F1 champion Michael Schumacher aided with development work on the Enzo during its design and testing phase. The German race driver also owned one and was seen driving it regularly during the latter part of his career with the Ferrari Formula One Team. 

Prior to the Enzo’s release, eagle eyed automotive press noted in 2001 some odd looking 348s prowling the roads around Maranello - they had a wider stance and longer overhang at the rear and it later transpired that these cars were in fact test mules carrying mid mounted V12s, more on those here...

Months later, in 2002 the new car was unveiled and it of course carried the name of the founder of the prancing horse brand, Mr Enzo Ferrari. 


Boasting a 6.0 litre aluminium block V12 engine, the Enzo was quite ahead of its time (it had to be to keep up with Porsche's Carerra GT which was brewing in Weissach) is had clever Bosch ME7 fuel injection, variable valve timing and a power figure of 650bhp at just shy of 8000rpm, with an impressive torque figure for an NA engine of its time, it was capable of 657Nm at 5,500rpm. This was next incarnation of the "F1" paddle controlled 6 speed gearbox. (The first examples of this “automated manual” were found in the 355 Challenge cars).

The then new Enzo could reach 60mph in 3.6 seconds and hit a top speed of 221mph, still big news in the early noughties! 

The Enzo was sold out before production had even properly started, Ferrari engaged with active Ferrari customers, specifically those who owned the F40 and F50 models prior. There was just 399 units produced. 




The example for sale is a 2004 model, having covered 7,750 miles from new. It is fitted with extra equipment such as these option pinstripe alloy wheels, extra wide quilted/ red stitched leather racing seats, added carbon fibre trim, red dashboard stitching and a yellow instrument cluster (they were normally red on the Enzo). 


But the ultra special piece to note here, is the signature by Michael Schumacher himself on one of the trim panels, in metallic silver pen. Adding a real piece of history from the legendary Scuderia driver who drove to glory with the scarlet car in his glittering racing career.


We are in no way related or benefitting financially or otherwise to the seller of this car and do not endorse its sale, lease or hire in this article. 

Images: GVE London