BlendLine Kart Series Round 1 Report and Results

BlendLine Kart Series Round 1 Report and Results

Author: BlendLine Events, Image/Video: BlendLine 


A sunny day in Weobley greeted the drivers arriving at Herefordshire Raceway Kart Circuit for the inaugural BlendLine Kart Series and round 1 which would take place at the Hereford based venue. 

For the last 3 years a single day event had marked the BlendLine Kart Challenge, a 1 day annual race between like minded competitors from the world of motorsport, from race and rally and even some motorbike racers too. 

For 2021 the ambition was to create a multi round championship to span the season across 4 different circuits. As a scheme to give drivers a chance to compete, given that most club competitors have not had events to run in since March 2020. 

Biding our time until lockdown restrictions allowed formally organised sporting events to take place, and allow our Welsh friends to travel across into England meant we had to wait a little longer than intended. But finally on April 25th we kicked things off. 

Practice session let the drivers who hadn’t visited Weobley before get to grips with the circuit, while the regulars set about fine tuning lap times. 

Two heats decided grid starting positions for the final, with the racing close and mostly fair albeit with a few warnings dished out for some illegal overtakes. 

The final saw Niall Evans on pole, with Osian Pryce P2 on the grid with Tom Magnay in P3. 

Pole sitter Evans took off with a good start and made distance between himself and Pryce, who had Magnay hot on his tail. Sion Ellis was close behind too, with Weobley not renowned for easy passing opportunities it was truly a case of either waiting for someone to make a mistake, or pushing your way past! Ellis passed Magnay, who then re-passed to take 3rd back, only for Ellis to get past again, and go off in pursuit of Pryce. All the while Evans had built up an impressive lead of 5 seconds or more. Tal England was not far behind the fray waiting to pick up the pieces, if anyone left anything for the taking! Further behind, Ali Byrne worked hard to keep Tom Mayo, Rhodri Evans and Rhys Jarrett behind him in the closing laps, the latter of whom was issued with a 1 place penalty on the final lap pushing him down to last!

In the end after 19 laps Evans took the win AND fastest lap, with Pryce 2nd and Ellis 3rd. 

Our attention now turns to round 2 in May. Thanks to all drivers who took part and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next race meeting. Full results for R1 below. 

Round 1

Herefordshire Raceway

Final Results

  1. Niall Evans FL 34.425 (fastest lap)
  2. Osian Pryce FL 34.676
  3. Sion Ellis FL 34.483
  4. Tom Magnay FL 34.525
  5. Tal England FL 34.796
  6. Ali Byrne FL 35.158
  7. Tom Mayo FL 35.587
  8. Rhys Jarrett FL 35.638
  9. Rhodri Evans FL 35.931

Championship Points after Round 1

  1. Niall Evans (25 + 3 for FL) 28pts
  2. Osian Pryce 18pts
  3. Sion Ellis 15pts
  4. Tom Magnay 12pts
  5. Tal England 10pts
  6. Ali Byrne 8pts
  7. Tom Mayo 6pts
  8. Rhys Jarrett 4pts
  9. Rhodri Evans 0pts


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